Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stereotyped in Object’s Project Space 4- 26th September (Final Week)

Stereotyped: Sound and Typography is an experimental exhibition that brings together composers and graphic designers, film-makers and sound engineers, musicians and typographers to challenge the definition of the ‘designer’ in the 21st Century.

Sound design, the manipulation of audio elements to achieve a desired effect and, typography, the art and technique of arranging type, were once highly professional fields of specialization. Now, both mediums are used by a myriad of disciplines to create meaning in diverse forms. Moreover, with the evolution of digital technologies a plethora of amateur sound and typography ‘designers’ have cropped up- anyone with a computer can create sound and type at home.

Consequently, Stereotyped is a cross-disciplinary collaboration that tests, interrogates and pushes the stereotype of a designer. Curated by Joan-Maree Hargreaves, Object’s Producer- Digital & Publications, Stereotyped is an unforgettable sensory experience that challenges commonly held beliefs.

Crafternoon this weekend!

Knitty, Gritty & Loopy. 2009. Photo: courtesy Liane Rossler

Celebrating one of Sydney’s most loved green spaces, ArtPark turns Hyde Park North into a craft workshop and exhibition space. As a part of Art Park, and in association with Art and About 2010, Object Gallery presents Crafternoon.
Bring your craft project out of the closet and join us in Hyde Park. Be inspired by some of our most eclectic and exciting crafters.
Bring your own materials, or work with some of the existing materials supplied by each workshop host. There will be a focus on reuse and repurpose of materials, so keep in mind we would like you to contribute!
Bring your own: plastic shopping bags, red yarn, toilet paper rolls, old toy parts, crochet hooks, weaving materials, and icy pole sticks

Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 September 11-3pm
we will be hanging out in the park, chatting and making.
Drop in at any time, and join in on a variety of workshops!!

Reef Knot will be making pin cushion flowers from an array of second hand fabrics and other materials
Denise Litchfield will be transforming discarded plastic toys into junk fashion
Knitty Gritty & Loopy will be using plastic shopping bags to weave baskets and other forms
Cecilie Knowles will be hosting a paper crafting workshop, using scraps of paper that were destined for the rubbish bin
In Stitches will be hosting a collaborative experiment whereby visitors repurpose materials into a larger collective sculpture
Craft Cartel will be crocheting and knitting their soft, decorative explosives.

Don't forget to come and visit the exhibition 'We Craft this City' featuring some of these amazing makers. Exhibition starts on Saturday 2nd October at Object Gallery (417 Bourke St, Surry Hills) and runs till 10 October, with daily 'Crafting Power Hours'. Go to object/spring series for more info.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Secrets & Stories Exhibition at Object Gallery 11-26th September (Final Week)

Is the result of a unique collaboration between Object, designer Michael Alvisse, students, staff and parents from Dulwich Hill High School of Visual Arts and Design.
After recent trips to Bali where family and community are clear priorities, Michael was inspired to share his experiences. With this in mind, students were encouraged to uncover secrets and stories drawn from the shared memories of their families. Over many months, Michael guided the students through a design process, showing them how to develop and realise a concept.
As you enter the exhibition you pass through a balinese arch and into an alternate universe, reminiscent of a Pop-Up picture book. Walking amoung the vines, animals emerge, representing each student and what they hope to become in the future.

Calling All Parents and Kids!!!!!

FREE Mask Making Workshop in conjunction with the exhibition SECRETS & STORIES. Join the students of Dulwich Hill High School of Visual Arts and Design as they take you through this fantasy like Pop Up Book Exhibition, read stories and help you create your own mask to take home!
Saturday September 25TH FROM 10.30AM- 12.30PM

Collect Welcomes Spring

The earth wakes
Butterflies kiss flowers
Love letters of Spring
Butterfly necklaces by Melinda Young

Flowergirl brooch by Rosie Hannam

Chrysalis Butterfly wall pieces by Lightly

Vintage Flower earrings by Liana Kabel

Ceramic brooches by Sandra Bowkett

Small Measure Up brooch by Liana Kabel

Butterfly brooch by Katrina Freene

Washi Flower jewellery by Sonya Edbrooke

Pendants by Jyoti Peart
Flower ring and brooch by Jane Pollard

Notebook by Poppies For Grace