Thursday, October 6, 2011

HYPERCLAY: Contemporary Ceramics 8 October 2011- 8 January 2012

Jacqueline Clayton,

Rilke and the Autoclave (detail), 2011.

Photo: Jacqueline Clayton

A provocative and engaging exhibition of work by Australian artists using clay in unexpected and suprising ways, HYPERCLAY: Contemporary Ceramics highlights the versatility of this time-honoured material, and in doing so, re-imagines its possibilities.
Featuring the work of: Walter Auer, Roderick Bamford, Stephen Bird, Jacqueline Clayton, Andrea Hylands, Addison Marshall, Pip McManus, Paul Wood.

Paul Wood,

Guardian's of a goddess (detail) 2011, re-fired ceramics and glass.
Photo: Siri Hayes

Addison Marshall,

Satellite #3 (detail), 2011. Bisque fired ceramic, bamboo skewers, cotton thread.

Photo: Addison Marshall