Friday, January 28, 2011

In good Company

Today is the first day of the latest object exhibition In Good Company presented by &company. The exhibition provides a glimpse into the complex relationships and process behind 'local, sustainable, intelligent' design.

Designers of today are stepping up to the challenges of a changing world, stretching creative powers, re-imagining new ways of living, and exploring the potential role of design.
Design is an often elusive process that calls for creative collaboration with mates, mentors, makers, marketers - a complex network of skilled and passionate individuals. In Good Company will take you behind the scenes and introduce you to the people that make it happen. Sit side-by-side with the creators in their studio, workshops and even the dinner table. Join us in a celebration of the local creative industry that underpins Sydney's design community. Focusing on coffee, food and cycling, Object will also be running design clinics in Feburary.

In Good Company features:
Design By Them, Trent Jansen, Dinosaur Designs, Cloth, Oliver Smith, Mud, Vert Design, Koskela, High tea with Mrs Woo + more.

Lots of great design pieces to buy...

Exhibition runs from 29 January - 3 April 2011

Duppy Musique Povera

The project space welcomes Dylan Martorell with Duppy Musique Povera, 29 January - 3 April 2011.
A visual artist and electroacoustic musician, Dylan Martorell creates sound-based installations and sculptures through an improvised layering of elements drawing on whatever materials and objects are to hand. In Duppy Musique Povera, Martorell will present a selection of his hand-made musical instruments built from found materials such as discarded tins, plant matter, wood, rocks and metal.