Wednesday, March 7, 2012

EVERGREEN: Fresh Sustainable Fashion

EVERGREEN exhibition at Object Gallery, 2012. Photo: Courtesy Jamie Williams and Object Gallery

Are you a person who considers the environment when shopping for clothes? Perhaps like me, you wonder about the way garments are produced, where they begin and where they end up. EVERGREEN: Fresh Sustainable Fashion now on in Object's Project Space gives us an insight into the ethical and environmentally concious enjoyment of fashion. The designers featured in the show are Julia Knupfer, Holly McQuilllan and Georgia McCorkill, a new generation of designers who challenge the look and feel of eco-fashion. As you can see in this picture, their garments are beautiful and innovative, and show that sustainable options don't have to be a sacrifice. We can all make sustainable choices, for instance the simple effort of giving old clothes to charity or upcycling reduces landfill and buying handmade clothing supports our local artisans. There are fabrics available such as organic cotton, organic wool, hemp, linen, flax and bamboo that won't cost the earth, so keep an eye out for them on clothing labels. We'll continue putting these ideas into action, won't you join us?

EVERGREEN shows alongside Stories In Form until Saturday 24th March.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Gold rush

Insync Fold brooch, Nest neckpiece and Fantail earrings; Photo: Courtesy the artist

Award winning jewellery label inSync design have hit gold and launched the newest products in their line of graphic wearables. The iconic designs have been transformed by 22ct matt gold plating, creating a beautiful luxe finish to the stainless steel base. We are very excited to have these beauties available in all our favourite designs in store and also online!

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