Thursday, August 11, 2011


I have a love for insects, they are beautiful and tiny and even though they roam around almost unnoticed, they are a big part of the enviroment and help out with the general maintenance of the earth.
Ants and bees are amongst my favourite, little hardworkers who make our life very pleasurable too with polinisation and honey.

In my ant obssessed world I started making and drawing ants a while ago so when I discovered Sandra Bowkett a Victoria based artists who work with porcelain and creates these little marvels my day got a little ray of light brighter.

Her porcelain and ceramics range is made up of a bunch of different images that remind you of every day life. Porcelain brooches of insects and of course including ants. I confess that when I discovered them i gave in and got myself a double ant and a bee. The bee just came in yesterday and I jumped at it before we even put it out with the rest of her display (sorry it was love at first sight).

If you want to check out some of her blue nature and leaves range click here, for lovely insects and crochet pop into our lovely shop if you're in Sydney I guarantee you'll love them.

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