Monday, September 19, 2011

- Is that candy you're wearing? - No it's a necklace

There has been so much talk lately about Spring and sprunging, clashing colours as a major fashion 'in' and just the wonderful warm jasmine smell going on that we just thought it was great to give it a go and be 'hip as hop' with the extremely popular Emily Green 'candy' necklaces. she doesn't really call them candy, we do and by we I actually mean me.

These polymer clay beads are absolutely enchanting and a great quirky way to cheer up any outfit without making you feel that it's a wear once only kind of accesory. It's different and it has a subtle fun feeling about it that actually just made me jump to get one for myself and then just wear it all week just because it was new and because I loved it.

Her presentation of watercolour backgrounds and the fluoro colour beads with an occasional pastel and a little neutral makes them a great twist from your everyday likings.

Come on over and make lovely colour combinations getting ready for the Art and About 2011 and the Happy Talk House project that is officially opening tonight at Sandringham Gardens, Hyde Park North, 7 pm.

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