Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Glorious glass jewels by Jess Dare

Implosion series brooches- image courtesy of the artist

Domed Floral series brooch- image courtesy of the artist

We are pleased to introduce beautiful new pieces by Adelaide based jeweller Jess Dare who is well known for her skills in lampworked glass. These vibrant profusions appeal to our love of colour and form, each component is meticulously handcrafted in sterling silver and filled with delicious chromatic glass.

"When living overseas in 2004 I spent some time in Venice, Italy, and upon visiting the small island of Murano I was captivated by the traditional lampworking. Since 2005 I have been practicing this traditional art form. Glass forms an integral part of my practice. I am fascinated by the colour, its malleability when molten, and its fragility and durability when cold. I take inspiration from nature, plants, berries, tropical fruits, flowers and the vivid colours found in nature. Exploring the botany of my mind, imaginary plants, brightly coloured berries and fantastical forms, my work is about memory and nature."

Currently in stock are brooches, pendant neckpieces and earrings so wander in to meet these new jewels or visit us our online store

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