Wednesday, August 4, 2010

‘Tubeway armies’...we are all addicted!!

Hailing from the frosty Melbourne (they know how to keep warm down there) these arm warmers feature unique ‘two-of-a-kind‘ combinations of stripes and textures with stitch, button and appliqué detailing. Both smart and casual, our arm warmers make a practical, eco friendly gift for all age groups. Or the best kind of gift – a gift for yourself! Keep your hands, wrists and arms toasty and stylishly snug and your fingers free for crafting, keyboarding, cycling, dog walking, music making and pram pushing!

‘Tubeway Armies’ are part of the ‘Body Parts’ range of winter accessories, a collaboration between Gaye Naismith (Gaye Abandon) and Melanie Hill (Textile Allsorts), the range transforms recycled, felted wool jumpers into comfy and funky winter accessories. Olenka typed earlier “I personally love armies because they are adorable, and keep our wrists warm while allowing us to do the normal dexterous things that we just can’t manage with gloves on i.e. write, type, dial the phone etc. Using vintage buttons and buckles, each pair is cleverly composed and individual.”

To co-ordinate with your ‘tubeway armies’, we also stock the super soft and cosy one-of-a-kind scarfs that have been cut from recycled, boiled, 100% wool sweaters and joined with a strong zig zag stitch. These also double as a warm and stylish necklace that can be worn in a variety of ways. If some of the sweater pieces in these necklace scarves look familiar, it’s because they're cut from the bits left over when making the arm warmers.

‘Gay Abandon’ aims for a no-waste policy and endeavours to upcycle every part of the sweaters that are cut up so the bare minimum ends up in landfill. All the electricity used during production is sourced from 100% wind energy, and the water used to shrink them is re-used on the garden. So you can keep your conscience healthy.

And while you’re here, why not buy a handsome sweater to dress your hot water bottle in? They’re great for stopping your feet from burning on direct hot-water-bottle contact.
The ‘Hottie Jumpers’ with fold up collar, like the other ‘body parts’ range, are all handmade entirely from upcycled, thickly felted, wool jumpers (but only the very softest!) and finished with repurposed buttons. Each one is unique, and there are so many colours, there’s bound to be one made just for you. To see more juicy colour combos and other ethically produced, eco-friendly winter accessories visit us at the collect store. Post proudly brought to you by Sarah.


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